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Our Journey

We have been a validator with Findora since Block #2724775 and have been consistently online with a server uptime of 96.11%. We have proposed 1637 blocks and have signed 1487492 signatures.

We have recently been given the honor of operating the Haromony Community DAOs Recovery Validator. This Validator was created and promoted by Matthew Barrett who generously sold the validator to the Community DAO as is with no extra costs. As a part of our commitment to the Harmony network, we will continue operate the Harmony Community DAOs Recovery Validator. This role is crucial in providing an additional layer of security and resilience to the Harmony network.

Staking Profile

As of 7/11/23, we have a self-delegated amount of 114,960 FRA and a total staked amount of 2,745,849.794499 FRA. We have generated lifetime rewards of 380,422.473416 FRA with a latest expected return of 17.93%.

As of 7/11/23, the Recovery Validator has a total of 8,062,793 ONE tokens staked. This has been made possible by the trust and support of our 56 unique delegators. The expected return for our delegators is currently at 8.45%.


We are proud of our performance and commitment to maintaining a high level of service. Our server uptime is 96.11%, and as off 7/11/2023 we have proposed 1637 blocks since our inception. Please note that this includes multiple updates from the Findora team.

As of 7/11/23, Revovery Validator's average uptime is 99.59%.

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