DApp Development

Have an idea for a decentralized application (DApp) but need help bringing it to life? Whether you have a fully fleshed-out concept or just the seed of an idea, we can help you design, develop, and deploy your DApp.


Possible DApp types include: DeFi platforms, NFT marketplaces, DAOs, games, and many more! For examples of DApps, check out DappRadar or Thirdweb!


Web3 Consulting

Navigating the world of blockchain and Web3 can be complex. Whether you're a business looking to integrate blockchain technology or an individual wanting to understand the potential of Web3, our consulting services can provide the guidance you need.


Our consulting services can help you understand and leverage blockchain technology, smart contracts, decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and more!


On Demand 3D Prints

Want to print a model you made or need us to make a model for something you want? Just e-mail us the .STL file, let us know what size you would like it and the shipping information.


Possible uses include: Latches, Mounts, Nozzles, Adapters, Art, Toys, and many more! For a bunch of examples, check out Thingiverse!


Video/Drone Services

Need some drone shots? For $100-500 (depending on requirements), Peace Antz Media provides professional drone video to your project as well as full video and sound production. We also have stock footage we are happy to share free of charge. Contact us for more information


Want to discuss something Peace Antz related on a podcast! Let's do it!

Want to start your own podcast? We'll help with that too.

Just send us an e-mail with details and we can schedule a zoom podcast easy peasy.



Peace Antz Entertainment also can provide live jam sessions where anyone can participate. Highly dependent on availability of multiple Antz. 

If you are looking for a certain recorded sound or music for one of your projects, we could do that also.

We can also provide mixing and mastering for recorded tracks or live shows.

Contact us for more information