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From Zero To Luna

Crypto Culture

In March of this year, in a liberal town in California, I was evicted under 4 moratoriums by a local Sheriff with no masks and a sobering enthusiasm for putting me on the street with a couple hundred dollars to my name, what possessions I could fit in my little Tacoma (<3), and pretty much no reason to live except my cat. I lost most of my art, and most of my dignity, when the pandemic hadn't left much. College did not pan out, I did a lot of it. I always worked, I always tried to save, I always failed. And then I had no home, no job, no opportunity, and no plan.

Out of pure desperation, a lack of options and absolutely NOTHING to lose or go back to, I took the orange pill. I took a whole handful of them, and I take one every morning. Every hour of every day to this moment, I research. Emphatically and with more retention than I have felt since I was failing high school to get High Warlord in WoW at 60.

I have searched high and low, through the most degenerate of defi and the darkest of DEXes and I believe Terra Luna and the blossoming ecosystem is the biggest opportunity in the space and a marvel of modern economics. It is the future of banking and it has proven itself already and will continue to do so.

I want to thank the Terra Devs, Community, Anchor *Applause*, and of course Luna for gracing a 33 year old underdog with a track record of slacking and underperformance and no fuel left in the engine a reason to keep going and the tools to do so. I just moved into a beautiful apartment and I even got my cat back. Marco is happier than ever!

So much to look forward to. So ready. Luna to the Moon. See y'all there. LE' GOOOOOO!

*The background is spray painted and I named it Terra Luna (If thats ok?)*